Surprise, it’s more film

Still getting the hang of my camera, but in love with how these came out 🙂 Taken on a Canon AE-1 Program



Film is a dying art – and one that I have yet to master because I’m too lazy to watch tutorial videos all the way through.

I love that film has so much character. You really have no idea what it’s going to look like until weeks later when you finally get around to sending it in. I shot on disposable cameras until I bought my Canon AE-1 Program. So far, I’ve had 200 film developed, and I’m currently finishing up my roll of 400 film. I absolutely love the feel of this gorgeous camera – the weight, the winder, the shutter click. I bought it refurbished on Amazon for $165 and it came with two rolls of film, a new battery and a strap (though I bought a snazzy lil polka dotted one.) I am so excited to take this bad boy to Europe with me. Here are a few of my favorite photos!

bis bald, san diego!

hello, everyone!

so here i am, less than two weeks from departure, and i’ve just returned home to los angeles from visiting good ol’ san diego for the last time until my senior year of college. it’s pretty wild if you ask me.

this weekend was absolutely wonderful. i got to spend time with all my favorite gal pals, who threw me a “surprise” going away party. i say surprise because, truthfully, the going away party was implied. after my roommate emma mentioned throwing me a party ONE time last semester, it kind of snowballed into me asking everyone i became friends with to come to “the party emma’s going to throw for me” (THANKS, EM!!).

i hadn’t seen one of my favorite people (hi gabbie) because she studied in new zealand fall semester. we got to watch a bunch of movies, laugh hysterically about pretty much nothing, eat so much pizza and generally just have a great time together.

san diego will always have a special place in my heart. i think it’s one of the greatest cities in the world (though i’ll get back to you on that after i’ve traveled more. i’m 102% sure i’ll stand by the statement.) maybe i’m biased, since i’m spending what are shaping up to be the best four years of my life at one of the top universities in the nation. don’t get me wrong, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies – but in my personal experience, only GREAT things happen in san diego.

i thought it would only be fitting to do a feature on the city that i’ve grown to call home, and perhaps san diego state as well!

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. In my two and a half years in this magical city, I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon some of the most delicious eateries, marvel at gorgeous beaches and meet some of my very best friends. Here are a few of my favorites:

    This is one of the more famous activities in SD. With a little persistence in finding parking and a short walk down a few cliffs, you (YES, YOU!) can bask in the presence of these grouchy/loud/stinky and ADORABLE creatures. Just don’t touch them, they’ll bark at you and swarm you (truly)
    Aside from wakeboarding, waterskiing, paddleboarding, kayaking, etc., you can (and SHOULD) rent a boat and cruise the bay with your best pals while sipping on (chugging on?) cheap champagne and pretending you’re just like those rich kids of Instagram. My friends and I went on a day with PERFECT weather, at sunset, and were able to blast trap music, take in the sights and sounds and made some memories to last a lifetime. DO THIS – I’M SERIOUS. TOP 10 DAY IN MY LIFE
    Alright, PB is definitely a nightlife hotspot, but since I am not of age (yet), I can’t recommend any cool bars. But, I can tell you that this place is just as popping in the daytime. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure San Diego has more beautiful people per capita than any other place in the world. Rent a bike, get on some rollerblades, bring your dog, your sister, your mom, your friends – it’s a good time. Grab an ice cream sandwich at Baked Bear, bring it to the beach and wonder how a place like this is real.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

    PB at sunset


    I’d be remiss not to mention the institution that has given me so much – friends, education, boundless opportunities, Bruxie (RIP). I almost didn’t even apply to this school, but I cannot be more grateful that I did, and that they wanted me, too. I’ll be writing a whole other post in honor of this place, link to follow!img_8361

That’s all for now, though I’m working on publishing a separate SDSU blog. Do you have any questions you want answered about campus life, classes, dorms, etc.? Let me know! Thanks for reading.