Film is a dying art – and one that I have yet to master because I’m too lazy to watch tutorial videos all the way through.

I love that film has so much character. You really have no idea what it’s going to look like until weeks later when you finally get around to sending it in. I shot on disposable cameras until I bought my Canon AE-1 Program. So far, I’ve had 200 film developed, and I’m currently finishing up my roll of 400 film. I absolutely love the feel of this gorgeous camera – the weight, the winder, the shutter click. I bought it refurbished on Amazon for $165 and it came with two rolls of film, a new battery and a strap (though I bought a snazzy lil polka dotted one.) I am so excited to take this bad boy to Europe with me. Here are a few of my favorite photos!


4 thoughts on “35mm

  1. So happy you are doing what you have planned since your junior highschool days! Now it’s happening and I’m sure you are so happy to be in it! A dream come true for you❤. I miss you so much and will continue to miss you until we have you back in America! But looking forward to seeing you in Munich real soon! I wish you the best in your endeavors and your bright future ahead!
    I love you and will continue to pray for your safety and well being while you’re in Germany and around Europe!
    Remember…. where ever you are … whatever you do…. Mom & I Love You❤❤❤


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