finals week

we’ve finally reached the end of the semester, but my workload shows no signs of slowing down!

i have three finals this week, and at 3 p.m. on friday, i will be a free woman! i’m slightly anxious about my gpa this semester, as my classes have been more challenging than i could’ve ever expected.

however, i have some exciting news!

  1. 55 days left until i leave for london
  2. i was selected to be a contributor for sdsu’s official “be international” blog while i study abroad next spring!

i will be posting content of a more personal nature here on WITWIJ, but my work for the be international blog will be exclusive to their site! i plan to focus on the foods i’ll be trying in the countries i visit, in addition to chronicles of my daily life. i will post here and on facebook when i start publishing content for the be international blog!

stay posted by subscribing to WITWIJ! and for students reading this, good luck with finals.