is this real life???

After months of coordinating with professors and advisers, filing application materials, writing and rewriting scholarship essays, and spending countless hours daydreaming about all the cultural capitals of Europe, I received an email from the ISEP program – I’m going to Germany!

My application was approved by San Diego State and forwarded to the ISEP coordinators, and as of today at 11:41 AM, I have been placed at the university I chose.

The University of Marburg in Hessen, Germany will be my home for a period of about five months beginning this August. I am absolutely ecstatic to begin (continue?) preparations for traveling and studying overseas!

Thinking back on my freshman year of college, when I first declared my minor in international studies, it is almost unfathomable to me that I picked a country, studied its culture, decided to conduct research there, and waited for months to be able to even apply for fall 2016 placement. Up until now, planning out my junior and senior years academically (okay, maybe even socially) has centered around my tentative acceptance. I couldn’t exactly say I was “going to Germany” in the fall, but instead that I “might be studying in Germany”. The fact that all my efforts are coming to fruition feels surreal and I’ve never been more excited about anything in my entire life (sorry, Jamison, Calia, and Chelssa, y’all are a close second).

Though it may seem as if I’m giving myself most (if not all) of the credit, I wouldn’t have been able to start this journey without the help of several key people. From my parents, who, despite being slightly devastated that I’ll be out of the country and missing a few holidays and birthdays, never told me “no” or that my goals were too premature or lofty, to friends and family who seemed to believe in me even more than I believed in myself at times, to some incredible professors and faculty (namely Dr. Zhong, head of the international studies program, Señora Lopez, my Spanish teacher, and Katie Palumbo, my study abroad adviser); my gratitude is beyond words.

The next steps will include searching for flights, mapping out my travels, and investing in some winter clothing.

Germany, I’m comin’ for ya!

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2 thoughts on “is this real life???

  1. Hi Julia,
    A mere congratulations seems too trite for an amazing feat–so I won’t say it. Rather just say: “You killed it, baby! Hmmm…after seeing that in writing, I think I’ll go back to good old,
    Congratulations, my sweet niece! Followed by: “I never doubted it for a second.” And, “I always knew you could do it” to seal the deal (smiley face imoji). But, seriously… to quote you: it’s “beyond words” how proud I am of the person you’ve become. This is my first time to read your blog (sorry, but at least I admit it!). My knee-jerk reaction– where is Julie and what did you do with my little niece? I know. She’s not the same little 8-year old that asked me to make her a PBJ sandwich but wanted it cut in animal shapes. Oh, no! I was deathly afraid you would not eat a plain looking sandwich then tell your parents I starved you. Thank goodness you settled for triangles and ate away… whew! So there you have in a gist. From then on, I knew that little girl was never going to settle for anything just plain. Only the unfathomable and lofty dreams for Julia. And you know why? Because there ain’t nothin’ unfathomable nor lofty for Julia! What Julia puts her heart and soul to, Julia gets! So watch out, Germany. Julia Jaramillo IS coming for ‘ya. So you better be ready!


  2. It’s really happening – my baby’s going to Germany!! – she’s going to a far away country and experience the culture, meet different people, and even visit other places in Europe – learn, live, absorb. You have been planning to study abroad for a very long time and in true Julia fashion, you did it. I knew you would but I am just so proud of you and admire your dedication to get it done. I know you will bring back many memories of Germany and have stories to tell us, your friends, maybe even your future husband and kids. Dad and I will miss you so much but we are just so excited for you because we know you have been wanting to do this. Okay, on to the next phase, let’s look at flights, find out more about Hessen, Germany. And yes, let’s thank your professors and the study abroad coordinator for all their support. Your entire family loves and supports you, Jujie. Love you.



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